About Lenox Brothers

Lenox Brothers began in 1992 with two brothers and a push lawn mower. At the ages of 12 and 10 Joe and Doug Lenox embraced their entrepreneurial spirit and advertised for summer lawn mowing. Having signed on one account for the summer, Lenox Brothers was born. The boys as they are still referred to by many of their long time clients continue to mow that first account today and have built the business from there.

Now Sixteen years later Lenox Brothers Incorporated is a full service landscape maintenance company serving Concord and the surrounding communities. The two younger Lenox Brothers have also become part of the team and work during their winter and summer vacations. Many family members have helped along the way, their parents Joe and Carol instilled early on the value of hard work and treating people fairly.

They also volunteered driving duty to the accounts before either had a license. Their Uncle, Dan Lenox who owns a landscape construction company in Acton provides many great referrals and the advice of someone who is successful with his own business.